3 Easy Way to Find Sally Beauty Near Me

Are you looking for Sally Beauty near you?

If you are looking for Sally Beauty Near Me, you are on the right platform!

You don’t need to search anything for Sally Beauty Near Me on this platform.

Click on the red pin on Google Maps below to get the address and direction of the Nearby Sally Beauty location.

Before taking the information of Sally Beauty Near Me on Google Maps and deciding to visit that place, verify whether the Sally Beauty Near Me displayed on Google Maps exists. To be sure, you can follow the steps given below:-

Step 1: First, click on the icon of the Nearby Sally Beauty Store given above on Google Map about which you want to know.

Step 2: As soon as you click on the Sally Beauty Near Me icon, a link to View Large Map will appear on the top left side of Google Map, along with the address of the respective Sally Beauty Store.

Step 3: When you click on the link of View Large Map, Google Map will open on the full screen. On the left side, you will see the details related to Sally Beauty Store like Address, Closing Time, Website Address, Contact Number, etc.

Step 4: By contacting the contact number given in the description of Sally Beauty Store, you can find out whether this store currently exists at the given location or not.

How to know about Sally Beauty Near Me online?

You can get the information about Nearby Sally Beauty Store online in two ways. One, you can search for Sally Beauty Near Me with the help of Google Search Engine. Second, you can get information about Near Me Sally Beauty Store with the help of Sally Beauty Store Finder.

To search for Sally Beauty Near Me with the help of the Google search engine, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: First of all, open any one browser on your mobile phone or PC system. Open Google search engine by typing google search engine in the browser.

Step 2: Type Sally Beauty Near Me in the search box of the Google search engine. Then click on the search icon. If you are using a mobile phone, then, first of all, turn on the location option on your mobile phone.

Step 3: As soon as you click on the search icon, all the Sally Beauty Near Me results will appear on the screen. Here you will see the result along with the distance. Where along with the address of the Nearby Sally Beauty Store, information about the status of the Sally Beauty Store will also appear.

Step 4: To reach the nearest Sally Beauty, select the convenient one you want to visit from the Google results of Sally Beauty Near Me.

Step 5: You will also see the link to the direction in the Google results. To get to the location of Sally Beauty Near Me, click on the link in the direction.

Step 6: As soon as you click on the ‘direction’ link of the respective Sally Beauty Store, Google Map will open with the location. From here, you can reach the nearest Sally Beauty Store with the help of Google Map navigation.

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Using Sally’s Beauty Store Finder

You can also take the help of Sally Beauty Store Finder to search Sally Beauty Near Me Store. Beauty Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SBH) has made the Sally Beauty Store Finder facility available on its official website for its users to locate Nearby Sally Beauty Stores. To search for ‘Sally Beauty Near Me’ with the help of the Sally Beauty Store Finder, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: First of all, you have to reach the official page of Sally Beauty Store Finder. Therefore, one must go to the Sally Beauty Store’s official website. You can go to the official website of Sally Beauty Store by clicking on the link ‘Sally Beauty Near Me Store.’

Step 2: On the home page, you will see a link to Find a Store on the top right side of the navigation menu. Click on the link to Find A Store.


Step 3: As soon as you click on the link of Find A Store. A new window of Find A Store will open. Here you will also see a link to “Use my Location.” The Sally Beauty Near Me results will appear on your screen along with Google Map as soon as you click on this link.

Step 4: Here facility has been provided to search Sally Beauty Store Near Me from ZIP/Postal Code or City/State. As soon as you enter the Postal Code or City / State name of a place, click on the button of Find Nearby Store. Based on your information, the result will appear on the screen.

Step 5: Here, you will also get the option to set the range up to 15 Miles, 30 Miles, or 50 Miles. On the option of Find Nearby Store, Sally Beauty Near Me’s address, contact number, Open Time Today, etc., will appear on the left side of the results.

Step 6: In Sally Beauty Store Near Me details, you will also see the link ‘See Store Details’ and ‘Set My Store.’ To get more information about the respective Sally Beauty Store, click on the link to See Store Details.

Step 7: To access the respective Sally Beauty Store, click on the link of Set My Store and click on the Icon of the Store on Google Map. A new page will open where you enter your location address or use your current location.

Step 8: As soon as you enter the current location, the route from your location to Sally Beauty Store will appear on Google Map. You can reach this Sally Beauty Store with the help of Google Navigation.

Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SBH) Details

Sally Beauty Holdings is one of America’s renowned companies in the field of beauty. The company operates as a global exclusive seller and distributor of professional beauty ingredients with annual profits of over $2.5 billion. The company sells and distributes beauty products through the Sally Beauty Supply and Beauty Systems group of companies, using more than 3,500 stores.

Sally Beauty Supply has over 3,500 stores across the country, offering customers over 10,000 hair, skin, and nail items through professional lines such as Clairol, L’Oreal, Wella, and Conair. This company distributes by keeping its proprietary rights on various products for many customers.

The Beauty Solutions Group company has over 1,300 stores, including 164 franchise business stores. Group company BSG has the largest network of specialist supplier sales specialists in North America, with approximately 950 specialists.

BSG stores and up to 10,000 skilled staff, in addition to sales specialists, sell branded hair, skin, and nail beauty products exclusively offered to specialist stylists and salons for use and resale to their consumers.

Sally Beauty Youtube Channel

The celebrity has her own YouTube channel to give various hair and makeup tips from where she promotes her cosmetics. Sally Beauty has a huge fan following on YouTube.

With the changing times, Sally Beauty has recently focused on improving its digital approach. Improving the digital approach includes introducing new technology and passing settlement benefits to consumers.

In 2014, the company released a special label bank card and electronic cosmetics try-on tools that can be used on the Sally Beauty app and 500 Sally Beauty stores. In January, the store also grew its digital conglomerate by working with Kevin Metz as vice president of shopping and Vanathi Lakshmi as vice president of electronic goods.

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Sally Beauty’s Small Beginnings in the 1960s

The range of Sally Beauty has now spread all over the world. Sally Beauty began as a stand-alone store in 1964 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The company gradually expanded and, within five years, became the owner of 12 Sally Beauty stores in the New Orleans area. Alberto-Culver then started as Blame Culver, a Los Angeles-based beauty supply company that combined Alberto VO5 Conditioning Hairdressing to create hundreds of shampoos and beauty products.

Business with Sally Beauty Supply

As Merchandising

Are you interested in doing business with Sally Beauty Supply? So let us tell you that Sally Stores is not a franchisee. Wholly owned and operated by Sally Beauty Supplies, LLC. Suppose you would like to have Sally Beauty Company selected as a potential distributor of your products. In that case, you may mail a PowerPoint presentation to the address below to meet with the appropriate buyer.

Sally Beauty Supply

Attention: Merchandising / New Product

3001 Colorado Blvd.

Denton, Texas 76210

Send Shelly Beauty a price list providing complete information about your company, including your freight terms and policies. If Shelly is interested in purchasing beauty products, she will contact you in Denton, Texas, about making an appointment to meet with a suitable buyer.

As Real Estate

The Shelly beauty company operates with over 2,000 proprietary stores across the country and is constantly looking for new store openings in suburban and urban areas.

Sally Beauty sells from one location to consumer and professional clients, including hair stylists and hair, nail, and skin salon owners. , Retail customers like to shop while remaining highly loyal to Sally, like beauty professionals.

Sally Beauty keeps up with the latest beauty trends and accessories with over 5,000 professional salon products for hair, nails, and skin at each store. There are also full ethnic offerings in each of Sally Beauty’s stores and extended ethnic groups in appropriate areas.

Sally Soundarya’s store associates are trained professionals, many of whom also include licensed hair stylists. A highly sophisticated replenishment system handles distribution in the United States through three distribution centers in Florida, Ohio, and Nevada. The Sally Beauty Company distributes cosmetics to over four million visitors monthly, in addition to national and regional retail and trade advertising.


Sally Beauty Company has provided the facility of Store Finder to the consumers to find Nearby Sally Beauty Stores. Users of Sally Beauty can search for ‘Sally Beauty Near Me’ with the help of the Sally Beauty Store Finder and Google search engine.

Apart from the above two options, Sally Beauty users can directly search for the nearest Sally Beauty by using Google Map. With the help of the Google search engine and Google Map, you can search not only Sally Beauty but also other places.

Sally Beauty Near Me Related FAQs

Q 1. Are your stores closed/open?

Ans- Most Sally Beauty stores are now open to the public. Now the company is starting the facility of Buy Online Pick-up in all its stores. You can check your favorite product by visiting sallybeauty.com to see it in-store. The company is also offering no-contact curbside pick-up at select locations. To search for stores that offer curbside pick-up, visit the curbside pick-up store link.

Q 2. Does Sally Store offer an online pick-in store facility?

Ans- You can able to select your store by visiting the official website of Sally Store. You will be provided with the Pick-up in Store option for eligible items only when the inventory is available on the Sally Store website and at that location.

Q 3. How long will it take to notify me that my online order will be ready to be taken in-store?

Ans- All online pick-up in-store orders are ready for pick-up within 4 hours of your order being placed by Sally Beauty Stop. Orders placed outside store hours are ready for pick-up the next day. The store will notify you via email that your order is ready for pick-up.

Q 4. What do I need to bring my store order with me?

Ans- You must bring a government-issued ID or a copy of your order confirmation email whenever you visit the store to place an order.

Q 5. Can someone else pick up my online pick-up in-store order?

Ans- Yes, if you cannot receive your order, you can designate an alternate person to pick up your order during the checkout process. But they will need to bring a copy of the Government issued ID or order confirmation email. If you haven’t added an alternate person to your account to pick up your order, the person who picks up the order must submit a copy of the order confirmation email to the store at the time of taking your order.

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