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History of Quest Federal Credit Union

The Beginning

The Board of Directors established the Kenton Rockwell Standard Federal Credit Union on June 30, 1969, to serve Kenton’s Rockwell Plant employees and their immediate families. The minimum deposit was $5.00, and membership fees were $0.25 per account.

Quest ATM Locations Near Me

Board members carried their membership cards in their tools and lunch boxes. They signed up new members during breaks and after-hours. The credit union was encouraged to be used by members as a depository for small amounts of their checks and a savings plan for rainy days, weddings, and Christmas.

The Volunteers and Members wanted to make deposits to borrow against their shares in the credit cooperative. The initial loans were $400 each and were repaid weekly.

In the 70s and the 80s

The credit union had several locations in Kenton during its early years. The credit union had $250,000 of assets in 1975 and felt financially secure enough to buy a vacant lot on SR 68 South. This property now houses the Main Office. The Board purchased a Huntsville modular bank building and started operations in a Credit Union-owned facility. The Credit Union opened a part-time office in early 1976 and began serving its members.

The Credit Union was now worth $3 million and had begun checking services in 1985. The Board of Directors soon decided to build a permanent building. Construction started in September 1987, and the Grand Opening occurred on March 8, 1988. The Credit Union was run by a Board of Directors and four employees. The Credit Union’s assets had risen to $5.1million by 1988.

Other Employer Groups from Hardin County were accepted into the Credit Union Family. The first to be accepted were the Corinthian and USV Schools, Kenton Structural, and Employees of Hardin County. McCullough Industries, WKTN Radio, and McCullough Industries. Select Employer Groups started to come into the Credit Union.

The Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Parish Credit Union was joined by the Board of Directors of Kenton Rockwell Standard Federal Credit Union. In November 1992, assets and members were merged.

In the New Millennium

The Board of Directors became aware of the need for better and more efficient services as assets and membership grew over the 1980s and 1990s. The Credit Union’s drive-thru service was opened in May 1994. It also added the first of ten No Fee ATMs to its network. Matthew Jennings, who was appointed to be the Manager in December 1997, marked the end of Matthew’s tenure.

The Board made it clear to Matthew Jennings that the credit union had to grow, change, and diversify its members and assets. They also set the new Manager on this path. The staff prioritized membership growth and diversification while the credit union leadership helped the organization transition from an SEG credit cooperative to a Community Charter credit association.

The Credit Union had $17.5 million in assets by June 1999. They began to expand the existing State Route 68 facility to accommodate administration and additional loan officers.

The Credit Union opened a new facility on Jacob Parrott Boulevard in December 2000. On August 27, 2001, the “Jake” opened its doors.

The Credit Union also launched an effort to obtain a Community Charter to allow its credit union to “live, work, worship or attend school” within Hardin County, Ohio. The NCUA approved the Community Charter after extensive research. It was effective as of April 1, 2001. The name Hardin Community Federal Credit Union (or Hardin Community Federal Credit Union) was adopted then. At the time of its conversion, the Credit Union had 45 members selected as employers.

New Partnerships with New Communities

The NCUA granted us a charter extension to include Logan County on January 1, 2009. This marked the beginning of a new era for the Credit Union. The Logan Community FCU and Hardin Community FCU’s Board agreed to merge the two organizations.

This merger was completed in early 2009. Bellefontaine branch offers full service, a state-of-the-art ATM, and a loan officer to help you with all your lending needs. We plan to renovate the branch’s exterior in 2020 and give it a new look.

Quest Federal Credit Union was rebranded officially on June 1, 2010. The Board, Staff, and Management Team feel that the new brand better represents the communities we serve and speaks volumes about why and how we do business.

Webster defines Quest as “to search for.” Quest Federal Credit Union is always “searching” for a better way to achieve financial success for its members. The brand name Quest Federal Credit Union is a strong single-word description of our history, past, and future. Quest Federal Credit Union, “Explore The Possibilities”

The credit union began to realize a long-term goal with the construction of the Ada branch. This branch provides:

  • A frontline service.
  • A state-of-the-art ATM.
  • A high-speed drive-through for all your banking needs.

To assist members with their loan needs, the office has a Loan Officer.

The Board of Directors recognized a need for and an opportunity to serve Wyandot County. In 2013, they applied to expand their community charter. There were no community credit unions available in the area at that time. Quest felt they could provide a solution for the county’s people by providing a full-service credit union.

Quest opened its 5th branch in Upper Sandusky in October 2016, after we received our community charter. The branch, just like the others, has a frontline with full service, a drive-thru ATM, and a loan officer to serve our members’ lending needs.

Quest was approached by the Board of Directors of UAP Employees Federal Credit Union in the fall of 2020 about a possible partnership that would benefit both credit union members. Quest’s Board and Staff welcomed UAP FCU members into the Quest family during spring 2021.

Quest Today

Quest continues to grow its assets, products, and branches as we enter the new decade. This is a slow, steady, and solid pace. We plan to expand our presence in Logan County. Quest opened a new branch in Fall 2021. We will open our new Russells Point branch in summer 2022.

Quest provides a complete line of financial services products, the latest technology, and unparalleled member service. Each year, our Board of Directors and Management Team discuss our current situation and the future. They also identify areas for improvement in the short term. The long-term goals are to provide the best environment possible to serve and benefit members/owners. We are responsive to our community’s needs and do all we can to help our members/owners.

Staff and the Board of Directors would like to thank our members for their loyalty and support. If you’re not yet a Quest Federal Credit Union member, we invite you to “Explore The Possibilities” with you.


The Credit Union’s Board and Staff Members strive to serve their members and give back to their communities. We are proud to say that all our employees are residents in Hardin, Logan, and Wyandot counties. They are also active in their local schools, churches, and civic organizations. Quest Federal Credit Union, a financial cooperative, is committed to the cooperative principle of “Concern For Community.” We contribute heavily through donations, volunteer service, and support for many schools, clubs, clubs, and community groups in our charter communities.

Quest, a federally insured credit cooperative, is bound to the promise of the founding credit unions of the United States that it would serve all members. Our motto is “People Helping People.” Quest views community support the same way. If asked, Quest will gladly help local charities, youth activities, and other community organizations if they have the funds. We often get asked why we support so many community projects and events. The answer is that it is how we help one another to build strong communities. Everyone benefits when we contribute our talents, funds, and volunteerism to improve the quality and quantity of our lives.

The Credit Union was founded and managed by hard-working local people who believed they could make a positive difference in the lives and livelihoods of their families and the lives and livelihoods of others in our community. Our Credit Union has 14 members who give their time and contribute countless hours to improving the lives of our members. These are members of our community who give their time to improve the lives of those who live, work, or worship near them. Quest Federal Credit Union boasts $125 Million in assets, 14,000 members, and new services are being added daily. 

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