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But remember, before deciding to visit ‘Mardel Bookstore Near Me’ on Google Maps, verify that the ‘Mardel Bookstore Near Me’ displayed on Google Maps is still there. It exists at the given location in Google Maps or not. To ensure this, you can follow the steps given below:-

Step 1: First, click on the icon of ‘Closest Mardel Bookstore’ given on the above Google Map about which you want to know.

Step 2: As soon as you click on the icon of ‘Mardel Bookstore Near Me,’ a link to ‘View Large Map’ will appear on the top left side of Google Map along with the address of the respective ‘Mardel Bookstore.’

Step 3: When you click on the link ‘View Large Map,’ Google Map will open on your system/mobile screen with a large view. On the left side, you will also see the details related to the selected ‘Mardel Bookstore’ like- Address, Closing Time, Website Address, Contact Number, Directions, etc.

Step 4: By contacting the contact number given in the description of ‘Mardel Bookstore,’ you can find out whether there currently exists ‘Mardel Bookstore’ at the given place or not.

Step 5: Once you are sure that the ‘Mardel Bookstore’ selected by you exists at the location shown on Google Map, then you can easily reach that ‘Mardel Bookstore’ with the help of Google Navigation.

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Find online ‘Mardel Bookstore Near Me’

You can get information about ‘Nearby Mardel Bookstore’ with the help of Google Search Engine. If you want to search ‘Mardel Bookstore Near Me’ with the help of the Google search engine, then follow the steps given below-

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Step 3: As soon as you click on the search icon, all the results of ‘Mardel Bookstore Near Me’ will appear on the screen. The results shown here will appear along with the distance. Here you will see information about the distance and address of ‘Nearby Mardel Bookstore’ and the status of ‘Mardel Bookstore.’

Step 4: To access ‘Closest Mardel Bookstore’ from the google results for ‘Mardel Bookstore Near Me ‘, select ‘Mardel Bookstore’ which you want to visit.

Step 5: In the given Google results, you will also see the link of ‘Direction.’ Click on the ‘Direction’ link to access the location of ‘Mardel Bookstore Near Me.’

Step 6: When you click on the ‘Direction’ link of the respective Mardel Bookstore, Google Map will open with the selected location. Here you will see the complete route. Now you can use ‘Nearest Mardel Bookstore; can reach.

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About Mardel

Mardel Christian & Education is an evangelical company committed to transforming minds and lives through our products and the organizations we help. To accomplish this, we offer a wide range of books, Bibles, films and other gifts, faith-based music and video, toys for children, clothing, office and church equipment, teacher and classroom equipment, seasonal items, and the curriculum for homeschooling.

We provide high-quality products with the lowest prices available on and in the 38 stores in the Central region of the United States and now on the East coast. Our products promote truth, give knowledge, provide encouragement, inspire worship, and bring joy, fulfilling the mission of Mardel to change lives and bring hope.

Mardel Bookstore Near Me

To further Our mission, steadfastly donate 10 percent of our net profit to assist in printing Bibles that are translated and published in other languages by Wycliffe Bible Translators. Wycliffe Bible Translators is a company committed to translating the Bible into the languages of all people around the World.

We provide a resource center to all people, focusing on fulfilling your intellectual and spiritual requirements.

History of Mardel

The year was 1981. Mart Green’s founder, Mart Green, left the family venture, Hobby Lobby, to follow his vision within the Christian and office supply market. Mart Green opened his first Mardel retailer northwest of Oklahoma City. The store was modest in size, about 7,200 square feet, yet offered a wide range of items, including Bibles, books and office supplies, Christian music, and gifts. In 2015, Jay DePalmo took over as CEO of the company and carried on Mart’s mission to expand its product range in addition to retail shops.

Today, Mardel is home to 38 shops and has expanded into many states, including Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Louisiana, South Carolina, Nebraska, Virginia, and West Virginia. The typical Mardel store is about 25000 square feet, with additional customer services like Imprinting and Lamination.

Marvel’s corporate headquarters is located at Hobby Lobby’s facility in Oklahoma City, and Mardel has more than 800 employees.

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Contact Mardel

Could you email us?

If you cannot find the answer to your question, use this form to leave them a message.

We’ll be in touch with you as quickly as possible. Customer Service is open between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Central Time.

Contact Customer Service at

Call or Write to Mardel

For assistance with Mardel store locations, we can be reached atMardel Stores, Inc., Attn: Customer Service, 7727 SW 44th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73179Phone: (Monday–Friday, 8:30am–5:00pm Central Time)Toll Free: 1-888-262-7335
For assistance with,we can be reached atMardel Stores, Inc. 7727 SW 44th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73179Phone: (Monday–Friday, 8:30am–5:00pm Central Time)Toll Free: 1-888-262-7335
Send online returns to:Mardel Stores, Inc., Attn: Returns, 7727 A SW 44th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73179


How do I expect to finish my order?

When you make an order with us, we make all efforts to complete, deliver and ship your order as quickly as possible. Most orders are shipped within 2 to 3 business days after receipt. It might take several additional days for processing during busy times (Easter, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Education Sale, and Free Shipping times).

Can I change or cancel my order?

Please contact our Customer Service Department by email ( to cancel your order, and we will be glad to help! We cannot alter or cancel orders after they’ve been taken care of. To return an item, or the entire order, refer to the Return policy.
For any concerns or questions about your purchase, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email or Guest Service at 1-888-2MARDEL. Make sure you have your order number available when you phone.

What is your return policy on online purchases?

If you’re unhappy with the purchase, you can return it up to 90 days from purchase. The merchandise you purchase should be returned to us in the same saleable state as it was when you bought it. Music accompaniments must be returned along with your receipt within 24hrs of the date you received your purchase. Software that has been opened must be returned in a saleable state within 30 days from the purchase date. Items purchased in the season before the season begins must be returned to the seller in saleable conditions up to 30 days following the end of the season.
Note: Music that has been opened, DVDs, Digital Products, Imprinted items, and games are not refundable. Shipping charges aren’t refundable.

Can I return an online purchase to a Mardel Store?

Yes, you can return your online purchase to any Mardel store to claim “Exchange” or “Store Credit Only” with the receipt. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Service Department by phone (1-888-262-7335) or email (, and we will happily assist you with your return.
There’s an issue with my purchase. What should I do? What can I do to return an item I bought?
If you’re experiencing an issue with your purchase or wish for us to refund an item that you purchased, or have a question, please call us at our Customer Service Department. You can call us at 1-888.262.7335 or email us at

What’s the status of my purchase?

To check the status of your order, please get in touch with our Customer Service Department by phone (1-888.262.7335) or email ( We’ll be happy to assist you!

What can I do to cancel an order?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Service Department by email ( to cancel your order, and we will be glad to help! If your purchase is in the process of being processed, it will not be able to change it.

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