Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones Review: All To Know Before Buying

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Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones Review is the first thing you are looking for if you’re contemplating purchasing Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones.

This is because exercise Bluetooth headphones are a dime a dozen. You can find hundreds of them in the $20-$40, and each is missing the features you want for a fitness headphone. However, this is not the case with Letsfit U8L sports headphones.

Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones Review


  • It is a breeze to pair
  • Battery life can be pretty long, 12-16 hours
  • Ultraclear listening sound quality
  • It’s IPX7-waterproof.
  • Easy to carry
  • Includes an additional pair of earbuds
  • There is no effect when wearing glasses
  • Reliable and stable connection
  • The buttons are reasonably intuitive.


  • You can wear them even in mild sweat and light rain; however, they’ll shorten when submerged in water.
  • It doesn’t come with any specific recharge features.

Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones Review

The Letsfit U8L Sports headphones are high-quality audio Bluetooth headphones that are sweatproof. You can wear them when you sweat, shower, or even in mild rain.

These headphones provide the same holding force essential to ensure that the earbuds stay within your ear during vigorous exercises like running, jumping, flipping, and jumping.

Letsfit U8L sports headphones offer this level of security without compromising the headphones’ comfort and quality. The type over the hook’s ear works, particularly if you’re exercising or running. They won’t shake or shimmy and don’t have any effect when wearing glasses.

Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones Review

They can aid you through long-distance runs by playing any tune with its Ultra Clear listening quality.

Made using an IPX7 waterproof, one of the top waterproof ratings you’ll get on headphones. This indicates how Letsfit U8L Sport Headphones are safe from as much as one-meter submersion into water. That means you can wear them into the shower without worrying about it.

They are built with the latest Realtek RCV technology and Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones provide high-quality sound with a highly stable and reliable connection.

What’s in the box?

Inside Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones Box

In this Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones review, you will see what’s inside the box that you receive after making your purchase.

Letsfit’s U8L sports Headphones come with a lovely small slipcover. It’s an old brown box tucked under.

If you open it, you will find this fantastic small round case. It also comes with an owner’s guide and a Letsfit card.

Inside the round case that includes a zip inside, you will find more details of the product inside the case, including your headphones, USB cables for charging, and the earbuds (which are available in three sizes, small, medium, large, and small depending on the size that suits your preferences best.)

The earbuds also have additional housing for the cord, where you can tighten it by making it smaller or bigger based on your preferences.

The controls are located on the right of the headphone. Below is the place where you can connect your USB cable. We do recommend charging the headphones before using them.

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  • Model: U8L
  • Bluetooth Standard: V5.0
  • Wireless Profile: A2DP, HFP, HSP, AVRCP, SPP
  • Operating Range: 33 feet/10 meters (No obstacles between)
  • Waterproof Rate: IPX7
  • Standby Time 250 hours
  • Charge Time: 2 Hours
  • Talk/Playing time: between 12 to 16 hours (depending on volume and the audio content)
  • Charging Voltage: DC 5V
  • Charging Current: 5V 1A
  • Battery Capacity: 120mAh/3.7V

Product Description

The product description below within the Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones review highlights the characteristics of this headphone that are based on a specific quality:

Microphone quality

Its LetsfitU8L sports Headphones microphone is made with CVC 6.0 digital noise cancellation technology. It means that the microphone can minimize distortion and noise in the microphone’s signal.

The person who you are talking to at the other end of the line will experience it like there’s a background noise surrounding you all the time. However, it’s not a guarantee to allow the effects of this particular noise-reducing device system to be completely active; however, the effectiveness of the reduction of noise provided by this microphone is not low.

As it reduces the sound by around 30dB, it will be noticeable in many instances. But comparing it to an excellent pair of earplugs made of foam at nearly the same level, that noise is reduced.

The microphone of the Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones is undoubtedly great for making calls as well as better than not having any noise canceling features whatsoever.

Battery Life

Letsfit U8L sports headphones are constructed with an inbuilt 120mAh/3.7V capacity battery.

This means it lets the duration of your conversation and music last between 12 and 16 hours, depending on the volume and the audio content, which includes other minor aspects.

The Letsfit U8L sports headphones do not come with any unique recharging features. It will take about two hours to restore the battery to its original state, which is average for headphones similar to these.

When the headphone battery has been 100% charged, it can remain on standby for up to 250 hours. This is approximately one week.

The voltage of charging is DC 5V. The charging current is 5V 1A.

Audio Quality

The Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones are made from quite large audio drivers of 11mm and are backed by a CSR chip that allows them to deliver a more outstanding quality audio experience.

If you are looking for headphones that are within the price of this model, one may overlook the sound quality. You’re looking to ensure there’s no noticeable or excessive distortion.

However, the Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones do a remarkable job of ensuring distortion is kept to a minimum, giving you an evident audio quality that is enjoyable to listen to.

However, this is due to the Bluetooth technology in V5.0, which guarantees specific levels of sound quality.

In addition to getting the basics correct, Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones come with digital amplifiers to produce slightly more bass.

They’ve made sure that this is the case despite the fact the earbuds remain earbuds that have not had a great time reproducing bass tones.

Although the amplified bass is utilized in these headphones, Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones don’t offer much punch. However, it offers the smoothness you’d expect from headphones with the boosted bass.


Here is the Letsfit Sports Headphones review. We hope it will help you make an informed purchase decision when shopping for The Letsfit U8L Sport Headphones.

In this Letsfit U8L Sport Headphones review, you’ll discover that this model is reasonable for its price. The essential convenience of headphones is provided with three sizes of earbuds available and an ultra-clear quality.

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