Is Omaze Legit Or Scam? What is Truth In 2022

Is Omaze Legit

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When you encounter Omaze at first, the initial question that pops up in your mind is, “is Omaze legit?”

This is because not all charity fundraising websites deliver what they claim; therefore, asking questions is a method to ensure the legitimacy of the organization you’re dealing with to avoid false promises and ultimately getting fraudulently swindled.

This article is a blessing as it has every answer you’re searching for concerning the question, “is Omaze legit?”.

Is Omaze Legit Or Scam? What is Truth In 2022

With our team’s exhaustive investigation into Omaze as well as its model of business, you’ll be able to determine whether and how Omaze is legitimate or not.

In this article, we’ll look at the Omaze review of the website while answering the question, “is Omaze legit or a scam?” However, before then, we will discuss what Omaze is and how does it function?


  • A simple and effective way to give back to charities
  • You can be the winner of a prize when you donate.
  • There is a possibility of meeting your favorite celeb.
  • They welcome contributions from around the world.


  • No Refund policy

What exactly is Omaze, and how is it used?

Omaze is a platform to raise money to attract new generation donors. The platform focuses on raising funds to support charities and offering outstanding prizes while earning profits for its business.

Omaze’s sustainable fundraising process allows nonprofit organizations to raise funds quickly without spending time or money. This lets them focus on the requirements of their communities.

Established by Ryan Cummins and Matthew Pohlson, Omaze was established in the United States in 2012, and by the year 2020, the company was established with the help of Matthew Pohlson and Ryan Cummins in the UK.

Charity Aid Foundation of America ( CAF) gives the proceeds to selected charities.

If you donate money to win the celebrity of your choice, like tickets to a show Omaze says the majority of the money goes to charity and that typically 25%, on average, will be used for the cost of miscellaneous costs, including the cost of creating content, advertising as well as processing fees.

Is Omaze Legit

When the funds are used to win prizes that are not celebrity-related, like a car, vacation, and cash prize, Omaze states that 15 percent of this money goes to the charity beneficiary. Typically, between 70% and 65 percent, which, on average, goes towards the cost of any arising expenses such as prize costs, advertisements and content creation, and processing fees for payments.

However, when there is a matching program, 100 percent of the match is given to the designated charitable beneficiary. About previous events, Omaze nets approximately 12-20 percent across all experiences, raising the question of ‘is Omaze real?

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Is Omaze a legitimate business, or is it a fraud?

The next topic of the discussion is “Is Omaze legit?”

We’ve all seen the advertisements from Omaze featuring celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Robert Pattinson, George Clooney, DJ Khaled, or Richard Branson inviting us to the most fantastic experience or opportunity to take home a luxurious mansion or a luxury automobile.

Because the Omaze advertisements and the promises claimed in them look flawless, One of the most frequently-asked concerns is “is Omaze Legit or a scam?”

In light of this, Omaze has a unique website that contains the names and the locations of winners on their sites which are organized in a calendar.

Omaze winners

Even with the Omaze website. On the Omaze website, we get asked frequently, “is Omaze legit?”

To conclude whether Omaze is legitimate, we conducted some research on Omaze.

We first looked at Omaze’s feedback from their previous and current donors. We also looked into the ratings and reviews of Omaze’s products and services.

This research was conducted by researching social media sites and other online platforms to determine what their faithful customers say about their offerings.

What we noticed was that all reviews are candid. When we looked at those favorable reviews about Omaze, we discovered that the reviews are flawless. Customers on this page have enthusiastically expressed their admiration for Omaze while also informing others about Omaze.

Is Omaze Legit

On the other hand, some customers are scathing about Omaze in their guts as many people complain about the poor customer service. Some complaint about the platform as a fraud and scam because they cannot provide prizes to their winners.

The majority of customers report receiving lots of emails encouraging them to participate. Still, once they had entered, there was nothing delivered to their email once the draw was completed to let them know who the winner was.

While most people feel happy about the money they donate for charity, whether to assist fellow humans or help animals, they all have a secret desire to win that prize they’ve always wanted (supercars or homes) or the opportunity to see their favorite stars.

We looked deeper into the truth behind how prizes are awarded and why there are numerous complaints regarding Omaze. This will enable us to give more information to answer the question, “is Omaze legit?”

In our subsequent study, we came across videos of winnings on YouTube. This indicates that the prizes are available and go to the winners. This implies that Omaze is legitimate, even though most of the videos originate from Omaze’s Omaze’s official YouTube channel owned by Omaze.

Since the videos are available on Omaze’s official YouTube channel, We searched for videos of winners posted on the YouTube channel of the winner; however, we didn’t find any.

We have only seen a video interview of a man interviewing his brother, who won the Lamborghini Aventador on Omaze for only $500. The man also recorded when the car was handed over to his brother. This provides more information on the question, “is Omaze legit?”

We also watched a clip that showed Trevor Noah interviewing a winner.

This means that it is possible to be the winner of a legitimate prize on Omaze, an opportunity to visit the destination you’ve always wanted to go to or even a dinner with your persona.

So, the short conclusion is that Omaze’s genuine, and you can be confident that the stars involved wouldn’t lend their name and fame to fraud. There’s no way Trevor Noah would be involved when Omaze isn’t what they claim it is.

Furthermore, Omaze contributes money to charities through CAF, the Charity Aid Foundation of America (CAF), which is donated to charitable causes.

But, Omaze appears to have several vocal customers who have expressed their frustration online regarding a specific issue: the inability of Omaze to deliver on its pledges to send customers donations awards.


The following article will answer all your questions on Omaze. Omaze real? Is Omaze real? Or is it a scam?

Through our research, we found that Omaze has been identified as a legitimate business with clear policies and a secure site to donate to charities. Your donation will go directly to the nonprofit you have chosen to support via grants from CAF America.

There is so much that goes unnoticed when people inquire, “is Omzae legit? The issue that people face with Omzae and why they call Omzae a scam is because of the prizes and the experiences of the winners.

There’s a lot to be hidden about how winners are determined and its transparency system. Due to this, people believe they are Omaze awards made by the wealthy as they are the ones who generally end up being the winners.

We appreciate you taking enough time to read this post about the question, “is Omaze legit?”. Remember to fill out the form below to stay informed when we release reviews like this.

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