Is JobGet Legit or Fake? What is the truth? Truth is Out in 2022

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Are you seeking answers to the question: is JobGet genuine or a scam? Are you in search of a JobGet application review? Check out this article to determine whether the JobGet app is worth the investment.

JebGet App Pros & Cons


  • It’s free for those looking for jobs.
  • It includes both video call and messaging features.
  • JobGet application is rated with a 4.7 out of 5-star rating.
  • It provides a single-click process for submitting a job.
  • Some well-known businesses make use of JobGet to fill jobs.
  • You could be hired in just 24 hours after opening an account.
  • Excellent customer service
  • It’s simple to use! Chat with managers without having to send emails back and back.
  • Four helpful job filters are available: distance, Part-time or full-time, younger than 18 years old, and recently published jobs.


  • They are primarily targeted at job seekers with low incomes.
  • It’s best for hourly workers and does not help the problem for salaried workers.

You will see many people searching for a Jobget review if you’re a social media person. This suggests that you’re not the only one searching for a Jobget review of the app.

Since the pandemic, the way people perceive online job searching has changed. Many are turning to websites and apps to look for the ideal job.

Jobsite is one of the popular applications for having jobs on the internet as fast as possible. Many people who come across this recruitment site online are likely to look up the phrase “is JobGet legit?”

In this post, we’ll look at the JobGet Review of the app and Review of the JobGet Review of the company. We will also provide an answer to your query about “is JobGet legit?”

However, before you do, you should understand what JobGet is and how it functions.

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What exactly is the JobGet app? And what exactly is it? JobGet operate?

App JobGet is an online recruiting platform that allows applicants to find jobs near their homes quickly while assisting employers in recruiting workers as quickly as possible.

In 2018, JobGet was founded with the help of Billy Lan and Tony Liu. They are alumni of UBC’s Sauder’s Master of Commerce program JobGet’s goal is to offer one of the most rapid, extensive, and simple job-searching experiences online.

Suppose a job seeker applies for a job through JobGet. In that case, employers are immediately alerted, and they can then respond to their Jobget App by way of their mobile phone within a matter of minutes, allowing job seekers to be accepted and employed on that same day.

It’s an easy and efficient design that helps applicants and hiring managers easily agree on a deal without spending lengthy filling in online applications only to wait for weeks to hear from the hiring manager.

Jobsite is available in the Android as well as iOS app stores. Once you’ve downloaded it on your phone, you can search for the job you’re seeking along with the preferred location, and you’re set to go.

JobGet uses AI machines and AI to identify the kind of jobs you’ll likely be interested in. In addition, it automatically suggests suitable jobs for you.

With the JobGet application, Job seekers and employers can instantly and quickly message one another, set up meetings, and even conduct video interviews.

What kind of jobs are available on the JobGet app?

After having a better understanding of what JobGet is and how JobGet functions, the next thing you need to be aware of in the job get App review is the type of jobs offered through the JobGet application.

As we’ve mentioned before, the JobGet application is designed for job seekers with low incomes. It’s only suitable for hourly workers, not those with fixed salaries.

The pay is calculated per hour, and the total amount for each job listed is next to the job.

Most jobs advertised through the JobGet JobGet app are for restaurant, retail, and hospitality professionals. Below are the most frequent JobGet jobs available in the app:

  • Sales associates
  • Cooks
  • Cashiers
  • Servers
  • Delivery drivers etc.

But, you can now look for opportunities and jobs in different sectors. As the company grows, the application adds more opportunities in various sectors to the job listings.

Is JobGet Legit?

After better understanding the job types in the JobGet app, the next thing to be aware of in this Jobget Review is the answer to “is JobGet legit or a scam?”

Because Jobget promises to provide free services for those searching for work, which is like it could be real in contrast to other companies who offer the same benefits with a premium membership, many people are still asking, “Is Jobget Legit?”

In reality, job gets is a legit application that has proved to provide jobs to many people who are unemployed American citizens, which makes both employers and employees satisfied.

Based on Forbes, Jobget has assisted more than 30,000 job seekers displaced from Covid-19 to secure the job of their dreams in the comfort of their homes.

Additionally, Boston Business Journal reported that job-seekers on the JobGet platform increased from 35,000 to 65,000 in March 2020. This was in addition to an increase of 20% in website traffic.

In addition to all the publications from major names, we’ve conducted further research to find out what people from the community are saying about their experience using the JobGet job-seeking platform.

We first read many JobGet reviews and ratings by customers who have used the service on various sites on the web. We found an interesting fact that the JobGet application is rated 4.7 5 stars on the App Store (iPhone users) and a 4.5 rating on the Google Play Store (Android users).

We also looked into Jobget’s complaints from users as well as their satisfaction. We then noticed the proportion of satisfied Jobget customers is a huge number in comparison to users who are not satisfied.

JobGet Google Play Store Review |Joget App Store review

We also watched several JobGet reviews of the app from social media users discussing their experiences with it.

After observing that the majority of JobGet users were happy when searching for work or jobs using the app, We decided to try the JobGet app for ourselves to see if it could have a different experience when writing our Joget App review.

Based on the experiences described below in our Pro and Con headings above, it is clear that the JobGet application is a reliable company that will assist you in finding a genuine job or recruiting a reliable employee to fill the gap in your job.

The only downside to this Jobget Review is the fact it is that the job gets app is mostly focused on people who work for a minimum wage and hourly.

If the two main disadvantages aren’t something you have to think about, The JobGet app is the perfect tool to use when searching for jobs near your home or workers in the area.

Is Jobget Secure?

After getting the answers to this query, “Is JobGet legit?” The next thing to know about the JobGet App review assessment is whether JobGet is secure and reliable.

The biggest benefit of the JobGet app for job applicants is that it is free for job seekers to sign up, create profiles, and then apply for job openings.

Because you don’t require a credit card to avail of this incredible service, and you don’t even have to travel for interviews (interviews are conducted through the application), there’s no reason to be concerned about security.

The JobGet app is safe for job seekers, as many have reported getting jobs.

However, for employers, it is necessary to pay as JobGet provides paid-for packages to aid anyone looking to fill vacancies ranging from small companies to large corporations.

Employers can choose from two pricing options offered through the JobGet app. They are the small-business package along with the business package. Employers sign up for the plan most appropriate to their business needs and preferences to post open positions through JobGet. JobGet app.

As most companies who work with JobGet are well-known and well-established, that means that JobGet is secure for employers, too.

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How to Find a Job JobGet

After learning how secure JobGet is, The next thing to be aware of during this JobGet App review is how to locate jobs on the JobGet application.

Follow the steps below to look for your ideal job using the JobGet app: 

JobGet application:

First, you need to download the JobGet App. To do this, click the JobGet website and select the mobile app you want to download (Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store specifically for iPhone Users).

Download the JobGet app. JobGet app

Next step, open the application, click “Apply Now” or the “Get A Job” button, and then register an account on JobGet. To create an account, you’ll have to enter information such as your:

  • First name.
  • Last name.
  • Email Address.
  • The number for the phone.
  • Password.

Sign up for a job Jobget

Once you have created an account, you can look for jobs; however, to find work that suits you and convince employers that you’re qualified for the position, you’ll need to ensure that your profile is updated.

To complete this, you must click on the icon for your profile below your screen and complete the profile information as you would for:

  • Work experience
  • The highest level of education
  • Personal bio
  • Profile Photo

Update your profile

Note: Applicants with profile pictures are 70 percent more likely to be interviewed than those without profile photos.

Additionally, you will have the option of using JobGet, an automated resume builder that can assist you in creating your resume using the details you have on the JobGet profile.

After your account is set up and your profile completed, The next step is to begin looking for a job. Based on the details you have entered on your profile, The JobGet app will recommend jobs that match you.

You can also utilize the search feature within the app to look up specific job titles and categories of work or companies. The filters in the app can aid you in finding jobs that match your preferences.

Job search

Once you have found your ideal job, it is possible to make an application by clicking”Apply Now” or the blue “Apply Now” button. Employers receive notification of your application and contact you after reviewing the information in your profile and determining that you’re suitable for the position.

It is also possible to send employers a message if you believe there’s something more you’d like them to know to make you be noticed.

Apply for an opening

If the employer believes you are suitable for the job, then both of you can schedule an interview video within the application. Because the JobGet application makes it easy for employers and job seekers, each of the steps (1-6) may happen in the same way you registered, and many have confirmed it.


The article above is a JobGet app review. It also addresses the subject of “is JobGet Legit?” We hope the details in this article will aid you in making an informed choice about whether or not to search for the perfect job with JobGet.

Whatever you decide to do, whatever it is, remember that looking for work on the JobGet application is completely cost-free, and you have nothing to lose but to give it a try to see whether it can be beneficial for you.

If you’ve used the JobGet application to find job opportunities, Please let others know about your experience by leaving a comment.

Thank you for taking enough time to read the JobGet Review from the beginning to the final page! You can fill out the short form below to join our newsletter to read more reviews.

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