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Step 1: First of all, click on the icon of ‘Red Roof Inn Near’ given on the above Google Map about which you want to know.

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Find Out Red Roof Inn Near Me Online

If you want to search for ‘Red Roof Inn Near Me’ with the help of the Google search engine, then follow the steps given below-

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Using Red Roof Finder or Locator

You can also reach the ‘Nearest Red Roof Inn’ with the help of the ‘Red Roof Inn Locator’. If you are willing to search ‘Red Roof Inn Near Me’ with the help of ‘Red Roof Inn Locator’, then, first of all, go to the official website of ‘Red Roof Inn’. To find ‘Red Roof Inn Near Me with the help of Red Roof Inn Finder, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: First, go to the official website of Red Roof Inn Hotel to access the Red Roof Inn Finder page. You can go to the official website of Red Roof Inn by clicking on the link ‘Red Roof Inn Near Me‘.

Step 2: In the navigation menu on the home page, you will see a link for location. By clicking on this link, a new page will open. Where the following options will appear:-

Step 3: Select any available option and click on that link. As you click on one of the links. The results of ‘Red Roof Near me’ will appear in front of you on the screen map.

Step 4: In the results, Google Maps will appear with the ‘Red Roof’ Icon. As you click on the icon of any Red Roof on the map. You will see the same details on the left side of the map.

Step 5: In the Red Roof Near Me details, you will see the Red Roof’s address, contact number, etc., along with a link to View in Google Maps. You will be redirected to Google Maps when you click on this link.

Step 6: Here, you can see the way to reach the respective Red Roof using the link of ‘Directions’.

Step 7: On clicking the Directions link, the route to the Red Roof related to your current location will appear on Google Maps. You can reach your chosen Red Roof with the help of Google Navigation.

Information About Red Roof Inn

Red Roof Inn is an American budget hotel chain in the United States. Red Roof has over 600 hotels worldwide, most of which are in the Midwest, Southern, and the Eastern United States. Red Roof Inn is a pet-friendly hotel chain. 

The first version of Red Roof Inn was founded in Columbus, Ohio, in 1973. The creator was an American businessman and race car team proprietor Jim Trueman. Trueman died in 1986. The company remained owned by his Trueman family for eight years following his death.

In 1994, the Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund bought Red Roof from the Trueman family. Then, in 1997 they started to franchise the company, opening their first franchised location in Branson, Missouri. As of 1999, the business was bought by Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund. Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund by French hospitality management company Accor. In the year of purchase, it was known as the Red Roof Inn and had 324 sites and 37,208 rooms.

Accor was the company that owned several hotels, including Motel 6, and purchased the Red Roof Inn for $1.115 billion. In the wake of the acquisition, Accor became the third largest chain of guest rooms globally when it was acquired.

In April of 2007, Accor announced the transfer of Red Roof Inns to Citigroup Global Special Situations Group and Westbridge Hospitality Fund LP for $1.3 billion. During the sale, some properties were transferred to Accor’s new North American brand, Motel 6. 

Accor decided to focus its efforts on their efforts in the North American accommodation market exclusively on Motel 6 after the sale. Motel 6 brand once the sale was completed.

After Accor’s acquisition, the franchising unit was transferred to an independent business entity called Red Roof Franchising, LLC.

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Corporate Spin-Off of Property Management

Since its beginning, Red Roof Inn has been directly managing and operating various hotels. Following the purchase of the brand by Accor Inns, each one was put into portfolios that investment firms purchased, like Five Mile Capital Partners, LLC. In contrast, Red Roof retained management.

Through the sale of individual inns for various reasons, the managed properties were reduced to 67 by September 2020. At that point, they were taken off under the Red Roof Inn Inc. management umbrella and supervised by a new entity called RRI West Management, LLC. Certain administrative functions were retained within New Albany, Ohio, while others were relocated to El Cajon, California. RRI West became the single largest franchisee for Red Roof. Red Roof brand.

Red Roof In International Expansion

Red Roof opened its first international branch in Brazil in September 2015. Its Curitiba, Brazil hotel was followed by opening another property in Vitoria, Brazil, which was opened in April of 2016 in collaboration with Brazilian-based Nobile Hotels. Red Roof Franchising, LLC, in partnership with Nobile, plans to develop 35-40 properties in Brazil in the coming 25 years. In July 2016, Red Roof expanded to Japan by opening an establishment in the Namba area in Osaka, Japan.

In collaboration with Paragon Hotels, Red Roof launched a range of new hotels in the most popular tourist areas across Thailand. This deal has failed to come through. The hotel chain, in partnership with FANS International Hospitality Group, is planning to expand the brand, starting with a hotel in Calgary, Alberta. It is the first series of hotels scheduled to be converted in Canada in the coming five years.

Next Generation Room Design

The company announced a $150 million investment plan to modernize and improve the national hotels with the latest Room design called NextGen. The NextGen design was characterized by faux wood-like flooring, modern bedding, wireless internet, flat-screen televisions, granite countertops, and bathroom vessel sinks. 

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the brand’s debut, a semi-truck that featured the same model as the latest room design traveled across the country.

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Red Roof’s various brands

Red Roof Inn

The First Red Roof Inn opened in Columbus, Ohio, in 1973, with guests paying just $8.50 for a night.

Red Roof PLUS+

The Red Roof PLUS+ was announced in early 2014 as an extension of the higher-end Red Roof brand, not a distinct brand. The Red Roof Plus concept is described as an “Upscale Economy.” In addition to the modern “NextGen” design and amenities, the Plus+ property has a select range of Premium Rooms which come with additional amenities, such as new bath towels, high luxury bedding, Seattle’s finest coffee in the room, and a snack bag that includes orange juice, water popcorn as well as trail mix and the granola bars. The Red Roof Plusplus is highlighted by the vibrant red-coloured canopy at the front of the lobby.

The Red Collection

In 2018, Red Roof announced the launch of its first soft brand, The Red Collection, an assortment of hotels located in downtown urban areas that feature modern décor designed to reflect the city in which it is situated. The flagship hotel, The St. Clair Hotel – Magnificent Mile, was opened in 2018 in Downtown Chicago. The brand quickly grew into State House Inn in Springfield, Illinois and Lord & Moris Times Square Hotel in New York City. On June 30, 2020, The State House Inn left The Red Collection and joined the Trademark By Wyndham association.

HomeTowne Studios by Red Roof

In 2018 Red Roof Inn launched Home Towne Studios by Red Roof, an organization that focuses on accommodating guests for longer periods. The brand was previously known as Crossland Economy Studios. The following year, Home Towne Suites and HomeTowne Studios by Red Roof underwent a phased launch that included more than 30 properties in more than 20 cities with almost 4000 rooms. In 2021, there were 54 sites.

Red Roof Near Me Related FAQs

The hotel company is Red Roof Inn part of?

Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund owns Red Roof Inns, Inc., the third-largest budget lodging company in the United States. In 1996 this “rooms sole” motel chain operated more than 230 hotels across 33 states.

What number of Red Roof Inns exist across the U.S.?

Whether for leisure or business and a short or long stay in the heart of cities or traveling, Red Roof has a hotel for everyone who travels. The Red Roof is a place where you can relax. Red Roof, we do everything we can to ensure that our guests are at home. We encourage you to unwind with your furry family member in any one of our locations in 670*.

Who’s Red Roof owned by?

Red Roof has over 600 properties across the globe, with the majority of them within the Midwest, Southern, and the Eastern United States. Red Roof Inn is a pet-friendly hotel chain. Red Roof Inns Inc.

Who is the Red Roof’s CEO? Red Roof?

George Limbert is the President of Red Roof, an award-winning leader in the hospitality industry, with more than 670 properties throughout Brazil, the United States, Brazil and Japan.

What brands are in Red Roof?

Red Roof plans to grow the HomeTowne Studios by Red Roof brand within its portfolio of brands by signing franchise agreements. The other brands it has are Red Roof Inn, Red Roof PLUS+ and The Red Collection, and in total, the company owns more than 550 locations across The U.S., Brazil, and Japan.

Which is Red Roof headquarters?

New Albany, Ohio, United States- New Albany is a city located in New Albany, Ohio, in the U.S. state of Ohio, located 15 miles northeast of Columbus, the state’s capital Of Columbus. Most of the city’s population is situated inside Franklin County, and a small part extends into neighboring Licking County. New Albany had a population of 10,825 in the census in 2020.

What is the main difference between Red Roof Inn as well as Red Roof Plus?

The property is priced somewhat higher than the standard Red Roof Inn. Red Roof Plus offers more outlets, better bedding, and wood-like flooring that Alexander says is much cleaner than carpets used in the traditional Red Roof properties.

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